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This website is part of a multi-piece dissertation project for my University of Washington PhD in Hispanic Studies. The overall goal of the project is to demonstrate the importance of literary translation as part of a cross-departmental research and practice activity at a major institution of higher education such as the University of Washington. Literary translation studies programs are common among European universities, but are also growing across the U.S. in response to an increased interest in world literature brought about by globalization and digital technology. The best of these programs are also often models of public scholarship, a movement that acknowledges and advocates for stronger ties and collaboration between academia and the public. I envision this website as part of hub, or community interested in the literature of Spain and its journey into the English language and marketplace.

About me

I have spent most of my career as a journalist, editor and digital media professional, along with journalism teaching and consulting. I enjoyed a long career at Reuters as a foreign correspondent then as an innovator with the Reuters NewMedia team in the early days of online news development. I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, which led to wonderful opportunities to live and work in Spain, Panama, Mexico and Brazil. Literary translation was a hobby for a long time, but I have chosen now to make it my second career. My translations of Spanish poetry have been published in print and online literary magazines. I have self-published a collection of translated prose essays. I am fascinated by how technology has opened the field of literary translation – and publishing – to new voices and participants by allowing for global distribution and marketing. I believe in the power of communities – on campus and off, online and in-person – to collaborate to explore questions and answer them.

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